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Paderson Launch Tour


Featuring our patented Filament wound and table rolled construction technology combined by vacuum curing to produce a pre-loaded stiff concentric butt to middle quadrant, with an active Table rolled middle quadrant to tip for incomparable stability, dynamic response and feedback.

Kevlar LAUNCH Tour series is Designed for strong players, desiring optimum control and a mid-high incomparable launching shot trajectory, from all driver clubhead Systems.

A highly advanced composite that couples an extraordinary high distribution of mass with a preordained elastic response engineered to optimize swing efficiency and impact mechanics, to benefit launch trajectory and shot performance.

Plays lighter than its static weight due to the demonstrably high balance point, this will contribute to lower built club swing weight.

KGTP65+ D is a multi-material, multi-structure advanced composite shaft that delivers a stout-butt section pre-loaded with a visible fiber structural grid from butt to middle quadrant, coupled with a stout high modulus table rolled Lower quadrant.