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Paderson Velocity LD


Velocity LD 30+ is on BACKORDER! Orders will be fulfilled as product is available. 

Featuring Dual-flex reactive technology, in the worlds only pre-loaded and vacuum cured Nano-Carbon amorphous fiber material shaft construction, table rolled laminate composite.

Vacuum Cured to minimize resin content, optimizing elastic strength and dynamic recovery properties of the Nano-Carbon Amorphous material. Enhancing feedback and delivering an extremely forgiving shaft.

Active butt and tip quadrants tailored for high speed long drive athletes desiring to improve efficiency and increase ball velocity, through the purest kinetic energy transfer from golfer to club.

KVMT70-LD is a Mid-High Balance point, High kick point advanced composite table rolled construction, that kicks hard and recover’s fast, in tailored sequence from butt to high tip.

Producing increased ball velocity and a Medium height piercing shot trajectory.