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Twitch Trainer - Speed Training Device


The Twitch Trainer and its progressive conditioning program, Twitch Movements, are specifically designed to re-program a wavering rotational sequence. Simplifying the complexity of the swing through drills and progressions aimed at placing the body in motion the Twitch Trainer will re-awaken the athlete within. Twitch movement progressions will improve coordination, tempo, sequence, and release by focusing on conditioning the segments of the rotational pattern that produce maximal club head speed. These methods built on change of direction, weight distribution, and deceleration will maximize speed at the release, “cracking the whip” at impact.

How does the Twitch Trainer help you improve your long drive?

Dynamic Design

Twitch Trainer’s dynamic design allows for variables in both resistance training and speed training.

60-day progressive training regiment

Condition the body and swing connection with Twitch Movements. A 60-day progressive training regiment designed to teach and engrain new, efficient, powerful patterns.

Levers and impact zone air resistance.

Strengthen the big muscles with levers and impact zone air resistance.

Air resistance removal

Remove the air resistance and allow for momentum and lag to accelerate the swing producing feels of speed at impact.

Unique movement patterns

Train deceleration with unique movement patterns.

For years “lag“ has been understood in the golf swing to produce higher club speeds and maximize distance. The misperception is that it is only found in the angle of the wrists to club. Many of today’s training aids have adopted this one- dimensional concept overlooking that fact that the body segments drive power and speed in the swing, not just the hands. “Lag” and speed throughout the pattern truly exists in the timing of the sequential release points of each body segment. How those match up in a rotational sequence will dramatically effect one’s ability to produce club head speed and add wanted distance off the tee.