Paderson Kinetixx Shafts

Developed with a concerted focus on the attenuation of vibration, to generate and increase the quantity of kinetic energy produced and transferred from the golf swing into the clubhead. KINETIXX® loaded golf shafts are the worlds most concentric and precisely tailored composites. Designed to optimize performance of todays clubheads. available in shafts for all categories, driver, Fairway, Hybrid and Iron. KINETIXX® loaded shaft technologies are the worlds most advanced array of demonstrably unique, visibly tailored, precision crafted, swing interactive golf shaft technologies to enter the market.

PADERSON® KINETIXX® loaded shafts, are the genuine confluence of materials and craftsmanship. Featuring the worlds only pre-loaded vacuum cured, table rolled and visible fiber structural technologies.

The visible rhombus grid in all KINETIXX® IMRT loaded shafts, is the structural architecture that influences EI, Torque, Dynamic flex, Recovery, Feel and most important, attenuation of vibration for the purest kinetic energy transfer from golfer to club. Maximizing swing efficiency, optimizing clubhead performance.

Our patented and proprietary methods of manufacture enable us to pre-load all fibers to a preordained tension, according to each flex.

KINETIXX® loaded shafts, combine one of our three signature construction platforms. putting to practise, filament winding and table rolling methods, independently and or Combined (depending on the KINETIXX® model) to produce one homogenous structure.

Our proprietary vacuum curing process Minimizes resin, to Maximize the Fiber Area Weight to resin ratio. this is essential, regardless of material and modulus to optimizing fiber performance, in terms of responsiveness and the capacity to store and deliver energy at the critical moment of impact.

Producing the worlds only golf shafts tailored to increase in frequency the greater the force applied. to the benefit of down range performance: increasing ball speed and reducing shot dispersion.

Our extraordinary multi-process construction methods, allow for use of the materials that present unlimited combinations of torque, flexibility, weight, and balance. enabling us to produce shafts that fit every golfer’s swing.