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Filament wound Vacuum Cured Construction technology produces round, pre-loaded concentric and spineless golf shafts for incomparable stability, dynamic response and feedback.

Fitting the widest array of players and swing types. Each shaft profile and flex present a visible, pre-loaded fiber architecture.

Tension tailored for torsional recovery and attenuation of vibration, for the purest kinetic energy transfer from shaft to clubhead.

PADERSON® KINETIXX® loaded kevlar BALLISTIC series features the worlds only continuous fiber filament wound kevlar construction technology.

Optimizing the extraordinary advanced composite material properties producing shafts with an incredibly high tensile strength-to-weight ratio, 5x stronger than steel, with 20x the elastic strength.

KG70-D is a Mid-Balance, Mid-Kick point advanced composite shaft pre-loaded with a visible fiber structural grid Engineered according to each flex, delivering balanced strength from butt to tip, producing medium-high Ballistic trajectory with exceptional stability and feel.